fredag 3 juni 2016

20 things I love atm..

1. My friend Alice has her own youtube chanel and I just cant stop watching it! I get to see some short shoots and views from my hometown and Alice is just so freakin adorable!
2. For years and years I've heard my sister talk about this tv-show called "girls" and a few days ago i started watching season one. And wow, was I hooked!? Im so happy I started watching girls. Its like a dirty, more realistic version of sex and the city, with younger actresses. Love it! 
3. Not only do I love my friend Alices youtube channel, I love youtube in general! I've started watching heaps of videos lately and i've become addicted to a girl who is doing similar stuff to what Alice is doing. She's been doing this for a few years so there's so many videos to watch!
4. Svea. Always and forever <3 div="">
5. My job. Even tho it sucks so many times it's still pretty good. I've met heaps of new people, have become friends with some and got heaps of free stuff from the lost and found. HAHA!
6. I tried to make rawballs last week, using dates, cacaopowder, cashew nuts, honey and coconutoil. They were soooooo good! had them as snacks on the bus, qvick breakfast and for those times when i just felt like eating something sweet.  You'll find a swedish recipe HERE, only difference: they used hazelnuts instead of cashew 
7. This person (who also is back in Australia atm):
8. This typical swedish sandwich is something i miss and love dearly...
9. For those who doesnt know this: I have a van, a campervan. And i love it, so much! But the time has come for us to say goodbye and part ways. I'll always remember Dah Jah Man Van.
10. This song and dance:
11. Last Wednesday I celebrated  my 24th birthday. It was a lovely day with friends and fun. And the day after mine 24th we celebrated my new found friend Kajsas birthday. 
12. And for birthday present i got this awesome camera:
13. A few weeks ago i decided to do something i've never done before. it was painful and almost like a nightmare. I went and got almost my entire body waxed! I cant compare this pain with any pain i've ever felt, but i can say this: SO WORTH IT!! I was sooo smooth, so hairless and pretty and now, 1-2 weeks later its growing back out again. But!! slower and not as thick. so, YAY!
14. At work I found this book in swedish with the title "me after you". I read it on the bus from and til work everyday. At the end of the book i was upset, not cause it ended badly, but because i didnt want it to end. But thankfully i discovered that the book has also been made in to a movie and will be out in mid june.
15. With me getting a job and sorting some stuff out i can finally start saving again. Its been a time now with no income and only expenses, so it feels safe to know that I'll have my own back covered again. 
16. A blast from the past! Awesome movie from the back in the good days with one of my favorite girls of all time: Lauryn Hill
17. This person:
18. This swedish song:
19. The tv-show "Unga foraldrar" from tv4play just recently came out with a third season and one of the familys in the show is from Hedemora. So then again i get to see views and some people from my hometown
20. Worst quality ever, but... I love to show and send this picture to people so they kind a get to understand how freakin big Australia is.

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