lördag 18 juni 2016

Rest in peace you son of a cunt

So unfortunately I couldn't save my phone. I gave it to two different phone repair shops here in Cairns and they both said, after less then one with it, that it is fucked. It is so damage that the costs for the repair would be more than buying a new phone. So I'm now saying good buy to my phone by transferring the last selfies taken with it, the last screenshots, snapchat videos and so much more. And since this it is a sad time for me I will share two old photos of me in Moranbah when i was sick and had to cure myself by sitting in the bathtub in boiling hot water for hours. My hands didn't really look like my hands after that 2-3h bath, but I felt abit better and went out that same night, haha! 
So yet again.. I have no phone. Hopefully I can find a cheap one to buy, but until then: PUSSHEJ!

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